Beyond simply installing our exclusive, proven Perma-Flo System, we can thoroughly assess and repair any existing moisture damage that endangers health including:

  • mold and fungus remediation
  • structural repairs
  • indoor air quality studies

We can then restore the health of your foundation, crawlspace and basement. Which protects those who live and work within.
Call on us for:

  • fresh air systems
  • sump pumps
  • dehumidification
  • encapsulation
  • insulation

We’re well-qualified to ensure the environment we protect is repaired to stay healthy for life.

Protect Your Investment.

Hands-down, one of the greatest deterrents to real estate purchase is moisture damage. Studies show that 85% of homes will leak in their lifetime and 92% of potential homebuyers won’t even consider a home with a wet basement. Your Bone-Dry system and 100% transferable “life of the structure” warranty will add lifelong value and livability to your home or business.

When you can tell potential buyers that your home is impermeable to typical foundation and crawlspace hazards, and explain that your indoor air quality is proven healthier, it makes your property worth more than comparable, but unprotected properties. With Bone-Dry, your room feels better, you feel better, and you get the best possible return on your investment: a healthy home or business that’s worth more.

Enjoy Peace of Mind.

Fact is, water is under pressure and moving. Unfortunately, your home or business is in its way. Not properly protecting your home can lead to thousands of dollars in damage, days of wet vacuuming, and a moldy mess, and greatly reduce the value of your home. Our affordable, exclusive Perma-Flo System stops water at all five entry points and will never clog. Which means protection that’s permanent – for true peace of mind.

Best of all, Bone-Dry Systems offers a 100%, fully transferable, ‘life of the structure’ full warranty that complies with the Federal Government’s Magnuson-Moss Consumer Protection Act. In short, as long as your home stands, it’s covered.