Basement or Crawlspace

Bone Dry Waterproofing can help with any basement or crawlspace need.

Air Quality Control

Whether it is basement or whole house de-humidification, ventilation, or fresh air systems, we can analyze and recommend a solution that is right for your home.


A wet crawl-space can be just as dangerous to your home and health as a wet basement.

The result:

As water stands in your crawl-space it can undermine the stability of your home causing cracks in the footings, masonry walls and the drywall in the home. It can also cause mold and fungus to grow very quickly. This can lead to rotting and warping of the beams and joists. A wet craw-space also creates a perfect environment for bugs and termites often leading to infestation. The first step is to control the water with the Bone-Dry Perma-Flo Drainage System, which is fully warranted for the ‘life of the structure’. Once the water problem is solved, we then will solve any moisture problems.

Air Quality Control

Once your water problems are solved permanently, you will need to assess the humidity in your crawl-space. If the humidity is high it will need to be addressed. High humidity in the crawl-space will cause the duct work in your crawl-space to sweat making the problem even worse. Couple this with the inferior building materials used in the last 25 years it is more important than ever to control the moisture which leads to mold and fungal growth. Encapsulating, conditioning, ventilating or dehumidifying your crawl-space with the Bone-Dry Perma-Seal System not only controls mold and fungus, it also makes your home healthier and more energy efficient. Our Consultants are able to ‘tailor fit’ our system to your home and needs.