Bone Dry came when they said they were going to, they completed the job when they said they would. They worked in tough conditions and they did a great job. We have never had another drop of water in our basement, despite many hard rain storms. I would recommend Bone-Dry to anybody that has a drainage problem. They are one of the best contractors that I have ever worked with.

-M. Orzolek, Richmond, VA

The Bone-Dry crew finished installing my drainage system 10 days before Tropical Storm Gaston hit, bringing with it some of the worst flooding Richmond had ever seen. But not in my basement. Virtually every basement in my neighborhood flooded during that storm, but my basement didn’t get even one drop of water. And it continues to remain dry.

-T. Osgood, Richmond, VA

I recommend Bone-Dry Waterproofing to everyone I know who is having water seepage or flooding problems in their homes. Bone-Dry and their crews are true professionals, and the fact that their work withstood the acid test of Gaston speaks for itself.

-C. King, Richmond, VA