Foundation Repair

From sistering of rotted floor joist to replacement of main beams to lifting of the foundation, we are your on stop shop with solutions for every situation.

Bowed Walls

Most bowed walls are in basements with walls bowing inward. If caught in time the walls can be supported and stabilized without having to rebuild them. There are several options available.

Steel Beams

Steel I-beams or square beams have been used for many years and can work fine and last for many years. However, being steel they will almost always rust and decay over time. They are bulky, unsightly, and take up lots of space.

Carbon Fiber Supports

Carbon fiber supports are more of a ‘state of the art’ solution for bowed walls. In tension they are 10 times stronger than steel. They are about the thickness of a dime, look fine, and take up very little space. They install very quickly and in most cases can be warranted for 25 years.


A tie-back is a steel piering system that ties the wall back to the ground outside of the home. This is used in more extreme situations but is not always the best choice.

Floor Leveling

In some homes or buildings the floors will begin to settle and sag. This is usually a result of moisture or poor construction practices. Where this has occurred we are able to sister, repair, or replace the the joists and / or beams. After this is done we will shim and adjust as necessary to get your floors as close to normal as possible.



In your crawl-space we have a variety of options for insulating and giving you a more efficient and comfortable home.


Drainage and down spout extensions from French drains to downspout extensions we can manage your your roof and surface water away from your home. This will help in protecting your home from leakage, foundation settling, and bug infection. Controlling roof and surface water will also make your yard more usable.